Written by Sarah Porter, this novel follows 14 year old Luce (pronounced loose) as she learns what it means to be a mermaid after she… died?

Very short summary I know, but there isn’t really a whole lot to this novel. It wasn’t bad, and had some interesting ideas as to where mermaids come from (girls who have been abused and turn into this goo when they would otherwise die and then become mermaids) and the descriptions of their singing are beautifully written.

However, it really didn’t hold my attention. If I was 14, maybe. Maybe. But, as I said, there really wasn’t much to this story and it could have been even shorter than it was. I understand, the author wanted to show us the growth the Luce went through as she determined that she would be different than all of the other mermaids and not kill humans. That she was a good person. That, good people don’t have to stand out in everyday life.

The other thing that this book did well is to mimic real life and all the disappointments that people leave us with. Rarely do people seem to recognize the good, quiet people. Oh, they will say they do, but really they don’t give them attention until they are trying to blame them for something. Being quiet can be perceived as being sneaky. As being un-trust worthy.

And teenage girls are monsters. This is true.

Overall, this is a great book for a middle schooler to enjoy and to stimulate them into looking deeper within them selves and those around them, and to maybe make them think about how they act towards those around them.

Yeah, that is correct, this is a good LEARNING book. I wouldn’t be surprised if some hip English teacher tried to use this in her class to bring attention to how her students treat each other and how lying can go deep within the bones. And to analyze why the rules they have exist.

In some ways, this book makes me think of Lord of the Flies. And even though this one actually involves killing a lot of humans, I stand by that Lord of the Flies was far more scaring – when analyzed on a very deep level. Maybe also because I read that book and didn’t just listen to it.


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