The Good Witch: The Current Netflix Binge

I know, this isn’t a book review. I have been very busy! I should get y’all a few here in the next couple of days.

For those of you who have submitted self-published novels to Southern Today Gone Tomorrow, be on the lookout for your reviews! (I will not promise to be soft, but I will be honest.) Now, back to this show.

This is such a Hallmark show. By that I mean that this is a sweet show that is an excellent feel good show without a whole lot of action going on. And, honestly, if they didn’t come out and say that she is a witch, you wouldn’t really know this show is about a witch.

They do not through witchcraft in your face, or really do anything more than hint at it most of the time.

And they switched out some actors and some of the love interested just happen and then are gone, or two people are not interested in each other any more. I thought the florist and the new chief were going to get together. Nope, just hinted in the one episode. And suddenly no one is going after Sam, the doctor. And Cassie and Ryan never made sense, and they would have never happened in real life.

It is a good show for me, because sometimes I just need to watch a light-hearted show, and is good for anyone who is looking for that in their TV show.


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