This novel is written by Young-Im Lee, and follows an 18 year old girl in Seoul, South Korea, and her dying grandmother. This book revolves around the teen seeing her life beginning and comparing it to her grandmother, a woman who survived the Korean War (which still goes on today) to go on and start her own company. Who never forgot the war. And a girl who fears that, while her parents generation didn’t fight, hers may be brought into a war as well.

These are just thoughts because this book didn’t grab me. The idea is interesting, I honestly – as an American educated in a southern educational system – know very little about the Korean War. I think we maybe spent all of a day on it. I know that is does still continue. I know that many Americans fought there. I know I have seen a number of movies on the topic. But, I can’t tell you what started the war. I can’t tell you how many died or when America got involved. I can’t even tell you if they wanted America there. (I know, I know, but some wars America was wanted.)

What kept me from diving into this book is just the writing style. It feels like I am reading a translation. Honestly, I am confused as to who is narrating at times.

If you are interested in history, if you are interested in the Korean people, this novel could be for you. The writing style just wasn’t for me. I think the topic is interesting and thought provoking, but I just can’t get through this.


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