Written by Anne Ursu, this book follows two best friends, Hazel and Jack, who are 10 year-olds, live next door, and both come from broken families. They cling to each other, though Hazel more so than Jack. This is told from the perspective of Hazel.

This was another meh book for me. The writing was great, I just had no interest in it. Hazel has an amazing imagination and in a lot of ways I see how I was when I was younger in her. That could also contribute to why I didn’t love this book. It reminded me of how alone I often felt growing up (even though I wasn’t) because of my imagination and love for the mysterious.

This is a good book. If you are considering reading it, go for it. Fans of literature with young adults maneuvering through growing up will appreciate this novel.

And it does have a beautiful cover.


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