Written by Stephanie Kate Strohm, this novel follows Dylan, the sister to a reality TV star and Miss Mississippi. Who is getting, very publicly, married to a Scottish Lord. And of course there is a young gentleman for Dylan as well.

This was a sweet story that was a pleasure to read. The characters were odd and mostly shallow, so this isn’t the next great novel, but it was so enjoyable. Very pleasant to read a light-hearted story. A love story appropriate for all ages, I would happily give this to a younger cousin and tell them to look for someone like Jamie, Dylan’s love interest. He is odd, and sweet, and not a jerk.

So, those are my short thoughts and who would like this – an all ages love story.




I knew as soon as we saw Jamie that he would be a love interest. And from the start I thought he was the prince. Prince in Disguise is the TV show where Dusty and her man met. And the fiance is so shallow and poorly developed that I can’t remember his name. Rowan? Ronan? Something like that. He and Dusty are really not developed at all.

And I don’t get why Dylan is forced to be on the TV show? Why would you ever sign your child up for something like that when they can’t duck out?

What made this story good was Dylan and Jamie’s relationship. That is kind of it. I wish it would have just been that with out the reality TV bit.

Still enjoyed it.


2 thoughts on “Prince in Disguise

    • Thank you! That is generally what I try to go for. As a reader, the genre will initially capture me, but I am always looking for something new and different to read! It’s great when that can conform to what I already enjoy, but some variety I think makes me reflect and look at things differently.


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