This story follows Elise, the illegitimate child of Henry the II, raised by a Duke and his wife and heir to their lands, and Bryan, a knight and close friend of Henry shortly after the King’s death. Mistaking her for a thief, the two are at each other’s throats from the first.

Until they grow to love each other.

Alright, this book wasn’t bad. That being said, I didn’t know I had picked up a romance novel. That is right, that cover belongs to a romance novel. I thought it was a crusade tale with enough romance to add to the story. Look at the cover I saw!

Image result for blue heaven black night heather graham


Though, I will admit, I should have realized it was more than a tame romance novel, looking back, based on the blurb on the back. BUT IT EASILY COULD HAVE NOT BEEN TOO!

Okay, so, my thoughts on this. (Yes, I read it. I brought it to Texas with me and it wasn’t horrible. And I didn’t realize till I was waiting for doctors visit, yay winter cough!)

The good: the writing is decent. It isn’t great. It’s decent. The plot line is kind of interesting, for me, because I like medieval tales of knights and the crusades. Maybe one day I will do a whole post on good books in that category.

The bad: it is the same basic story line repeated over and over and over again. This book could have been half the length and gotten the same story across. Girl tries to run away. Guy saves her but she resents him for it. Girl lies to guy. Guy would have helped her if she told the truth. Strong independent woman is strong and independent.

I get it. Thanks. I want more fighting knights. I get basically none.

It was okay. If you like historical romances that don’t have a bunch of smut, go for it. This is a very tame romance, nothing graphic. And easy to skip over. If you like crusade stories….. The cover mostly lies.


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