Meet Daisy, a young aristocrat who, after the first World War and losing her father and brother, is trying to make it on her own in England in the 1920’s as a writer. This has brought her to Wentwater Court to do an article for Town and Country. Of course, after being there only a few days, the nasty Lord Steven is found dead. Cue cute detective on the case from Scotland Yard.

I liked this book. It isn’t a new book, by any means, but it is what I would term a “cozy mystery”, which is to say it is a sweet mystery that, in a lot of ways, gives its main character far too much leniency.

One issue I had, at least while listening to this novel, is trying to keep all of the characters straight. They are honestly so similar, a larger than average number, and have very few distinctions amongst them until the end.

Do you like mysteries? The British aristocracy in the 20th century? World War 1 references? Flappers? You may enjoy this novel. I know I will be looking for the next book in this series to see if it gets better or worse.




I do not like the ending of this novel. Oh, I like Alec coming back and getting her. I do not like that she helped Jeff get away, and that it was okay. He should have stayed. They should have proven that, yes, he was correct and didn’t need to run away to Brazil.

I just, I liked this novel so much until then. Why? Why did you do this? This actually had great twists and turns, but this behavior should not be encouraged. Just as giving preference to the aristocracy shouldn’t happen. Then again, I don’t live in Britain. Never have.


3 thoughts on “Death at Wentwater Court: An Audiobook Review

  1. “Momma always said [Southern Today Gone Tomorrow] was like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get.”
    Seriously. It’s always just a treat to see what random story (book, film, audiobook) you’ve decided to review. I can never guess what’s coming next.


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