Sparked follows Laurel who’s sister has disappeared, and the only person who cares is the mysterious Jasper who speaks to no one at school. Where did she go? Why is Laurel having mysterious dreams involving her sister?

I adored this book. Now, I did find a few grammatical mistakes (a to instead of a too), but the story was very good. This is how a 15 year old thinks. She thinks that no one listens to her, that most people are against her, and in some ways she is right.

The best part about this book? Nearly every character actually grows. This was written by Helena Echlin and Malena Watrous, these two authors know their audience and know how to write and explore a story together.

That being said, WILL THERE BE A SEQUEL? I mean, why do authors have to end everything on a cliff hanger? The other downfall of this book is also one of my favorite things: Jasper, the leading man. At first he reminded me far too much of a certain Twilight character. But he did grow on me. In a lot of ways, I wish we saw more of him. More of his character, and got a more three dimensional look at him earlier in the book.

Fans of YA, magic, urban fantasy, mystery, and those who like a little teen angst in their stories will enjoy this book. I rather enjoyed this book.


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