Written by Jenna St. James, this novel follows Ryli, a local journalist and photographer, and she tries to solve a murder that she is called in to photograph. And dates the Chief of Police. And hangs out with her friend and crazy Aunt. Oh, and she has a cat.

That description is a good way to describe how this book went. I wanted to like it, but there were so many random things thrown in, the story was inconstant, and the characters weren’t believable. Okay, some of the side characters were. But not the main.

There were so many unexplored threads, and the pacing made no sense, neither did the characters reactions. At first I thought that the Chief and Ryli, a.k.a. Sin by him, weren’t dating. Didn’t figure out that they were together. But, then they are together, have been for a while, and everyone is waiting for them to sleep together but they never do but everyone insinuates that they are…

This just wasn’t a good book. Wanting to like it doesn’t make it good.

It is a cozy mystery, all right, with terribly unbelievable characters. Or, at least, characters that don’t make sense. If you are absolutely looking for something to read, I guess you can give this a try. I don’t recommend.

I was given a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


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