The White Princess: My Current Binge


But I just got it from the local library so……

One one hand, I appreciate the style, the story, the complexity of this old story. At the same time, this really points out how terrible the kingship worked. It would have made sense to chose the king from the nobles, they were the educated  at the time.

That, and how one of the Richards die….

I hadn’t touched this series because I didn’t think it would hold any interest to me. Yet, I find myself enjoying this. In many ways, this is feeding my desire to learn more history.

Also, there were not enough kings with unique names.

Now, I believe we have all heard of King Henry the 8th; this is the story of his parents and what happened to them.

I know there must have been some royals with relatively uneventful rules, but this was the end of the War of the Roses – in which the wrong house won.


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