This is the second book in Meg Cabot’s Abandon trilogy. We pick back up with Pierce after her grandmother tried to kill her. Turns out she is a Fury and killed her own granddaughter. And the Furies killed her counselor. So, she is down in the Underworld with John, and realizing that she really does love him. Oh, and that her cousin Alex may be in trouble and could be killed at any moment.

This novel was starting to lose me, but I still enjoyed it. This book started to point out all of the other things that we were starting to wonder about. What are furies, what happens when John leaves the underworld all of the time, is he the only one, what is his background, all of that.

A lot of information. And a lot of sweetness between Pierce and John.

I am very much wishing I would have actually paused after this book to write this review instead of immediately going to the final book in the series…. I am very sorry. My addition to books and need to find out what happens in this series kicked in.



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