In final book in the Abandon trilogy, the Underworld is over flowing with dead and something seems to be wrong with the ferries.

This book wrapped up all of the loose ends, but I don’t know if I like how they wrapped everything up. Everyone got an ending – or a continuation of some kind – that was relatively satisfactory, but some of the reasoning behind choices were so… juvenile. Which could be the point. Most of our main characters are 17. As much as we like to think that 17 is super mature, often times it isn’t. It can be hard for most teenagers to really plan for their future, and we only acknowledge this looking back. Maybe Cabot is capturing this.

Okay, so, yes you should read this series! Highly recommend!




I don’t like that Frank and Kayla are together but she isn’t in the Underworld. So, is Frank going to leave his duties in the future?

Also, babies?


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