Jinx: A Re-read Book Review

Jinx follows Jean, known as Jinx amongst her family for her terrible luck, as she moves to New York City to live with her Aunt and Uncle and their three children after something happened in her home town in Iowa. Of course, when she gets there she finds her cousin to be a drug user and falls for the sweet boy next door.

Okay, so I read this YEARS ago. Like, in 2007 when it first came out. Back when I regularly tracked Meg Cabot’s book releases and read all of the Princess Diaries. So, I like most of Meg Cabot’s books, and I remember loving this one as a kid. But now… now I just don’t think there was a whole lot going on in it, particularly coming from the Abandon trilogy.

But, that shows you how tastes in books often evolve.

That isn’t to say this is a bad book. This is still a great book. I still enjoyed it.

The other half is re-reading a book you vaguely remember so you keep waiting for certain things to happen. I skimmed over the other parts. And the other parts are really what make this a good book. The everyday things. Not the big fights.


The other thing I like about this book that I forgot is that they leave the “magic” bits open to interpretation. By that I mean they heavily insinuate that there is no magic. Just happen chance and luck.


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