Sirens: A Book Review

Written by Joseph Knox, this story follows a Detective who has seen the worst of the worst and is neck deep in it. He does drugs, he is involved with the wrong people, he has disappeared, and he honestly just wants to do the right thing.

If you enjoy detective novels, the dark and gritty kind, you will enjoy this book. This looks at aspects of the darkness which many of us never have to deal with. And, personally, I would like to keep it that way.

It is also a murder mystery and suspense novel.

There is a lot going on.

It definitely helps that this book is not only well written but well thought out. This book plays with the knowledge it gives you expertly to keep you guessing and make it clear that the characters know far more than you do and turns the story into a true mystery for the reader.

However, this wasn’t my cup of tea. Well written and an interesting story, I just wasn’t feeling a dark story when I was reading this, and this is a dark novel from the get go.


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