Engineering Resources: The Struggle is Real

I have spent over a week trying to compile information for an excel for a safety evaluation. I have 3 lines instead of a few hundred.

Oh my, am I frustrated.

It is very difficult to find information, and in so many ways the internet keeps making it harder, because the filter isn’t the greatest. Not when it comes to scientific data. This is the age of data sharing (or data hording), yet I can only find a fraction of the information I need.

Yes, I could do these calculations the long way, by hand, by which I mean a really long excel, but I still need the starting information which, in and of itself, is hard to find.

I feel that making a number of excels and making them available to anyone may be in my future.

I don’t want it to be in my future.

Gosh, I don’t know if I even want that on my site…

But, it is so frustrating. It points out and brings to light how so many in the science community focus on just a few things. Things that make money. Not realizing that it is the little things that really push us forward and will continue to keep us moving when it comes to the breath of knowledge that society has.



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