I loved this movie.

Now, I will also say that you should be 13 or older (a.k.a it is PG-13) to watch this movie. Not because it is constantly like that, literally it is because of very small things in the movie. Honestly, you could easily cut those scenes out. I don’t think they did ANYTHING for the movie. Now, onto the actual review.

This movie fallows Jane, one of the most intense Jane Austen fans without being creepy. Outside of her apartment, she is very normal. A bit of a muted character and person. After her most recent breakup and being hit on by a disgusting man she works with, Jane watches an ad for Austenland, a role-playing location in England where you get to be the star of your own Jane Austen novel.

So Jane spends all of her savings to go to this land, hoping to find love and be proven that Austen’s world is as wonderful as she thinks it is.

I sincerely enjoyed this movie, and while I rented this copy, I will be on a hunt for my own this next coming year. This movie is humorous and perfect for any book fan who has had an obsession with a novel that others have not understood.

And how, in so many ways, it is highly unlikely that living out your fantasy would ever go the way you want it to.

Fans of comedy, Jane Austen (okay, maybe, depending on how serious you are), and romance will likely enjoy this movie. I know I did!

BONUS THIS MOVIE IS BASED ON A BOOK! And, yes, I only found that out when I was looking for an image to use. But I have added the book to my to-read list. I hope that it is as good, if not better, than the movie.

source of image: Image via bookharbinger.com


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