Well, we all knew this had to happen. And I am a full week late in getting to watch this movie.

Alright, if you know Norse mythology: IGNORE EVERYTHING YOU KNOW. Seriously. Fenrir made it. Yup. Okay, let’s… let’s just not discuss that. I would need to go and refresh myself and, I just don’t want to be that dissapointed.

Outside of that, it was a good movie. A LOT happened, and just understand that we are basically jumping two years from when Age of Ultron took place. Also, Thor has become a true American and lost his god talk. I wish they hadn’t done this. I wish they would have updated him without losing that, because, even though it was annoying at times it also kept to the myth side a bit more. I did love the short hair.

LOKI! Yes! Though, in many ways, I wish we had a lot more of him. It seems as if the film makers are angry over how popular Loki has become – he could have been a lot more.

And the pacing. The pacing was odd. Skipping a lot of information. What happened to Thor the last two years? How, exactly, did Hulk get there? Why does the Valkyrie have such a poorly described and explained back story?

That being said, I did enjoy this. So much sass, so much action, and the characters did move forward.


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