I Have 8 Books Left to Reach by Goodreads Goal

I wanted to read 100 books this year.

That started out as a very easy thing to do. I was living at home, going to work, and all I would do on my three day weekends was read and go hiking. And I worked and hung out with like minded souls.

Then I realized how horrible my boss was, and that I couldn’t stand working for him anymore. The city in the South where I was living didn’t really have many openings for engineers where I was (that I wanted), and besides my old company was firing people and people were leaving constantly. (Over half the people who worked with me when I started no longer work there.)

And then I got a job across the country.

And my rate of reading plummeted. Seriously. But I started trying to make sure I had posts going up. I was moving and buying things, and visiting people, and going to the lake constantly after I moved.

And then I found my local library. That helped, a lot. Sincerely, they have audio books and I could go get some of the actual books I wanted and I could go in and randomly find a book AND ACTUALLY TAKE IT WITH ME.

And now I have 8 books left. And I want to reach my goal so badly. I have 17 days left.

That is a book every two days.

I think I can do it. With a little help from some audio books, I think I can.

I think I can prove to myself that I can meet my goals.

I think I can.


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