Full Wolf Moon, written by Lincoln Child, is actually the third book (correct that, 5th, Child’s website is a little confusing) that follows Jeremy Logan as he attempts to retreat to a mountain resort to write and finish a study he has been working on for many reasons. While there, an old friend from college, a philosophical ranger, finds him and asks for his help with a series of murder/deaths that have been going on. Hikers are found torn apart on the full moon.

I enjoyed this novel, it wasn’t the best and was paced oddly, but the story was interested and kept my attention. I really liked how this story approached science and finding the truth. Also, Logan is an enigmologis, someone who supposedly studies creatures that may or may not exist. I do like that idea.

This novel does, in fact, follow the idea that there could be a werewolf of some sort doing the killing. Had to put that there. I can’t say anything else without giving too much of the story away, however.

Here is something for a reader: THERE IS NO ROMANCE! Okay, I know, that really isn’t a reason to like or dislike a book, but I just wanted to point that out. Because, if you get into this book, there appears to be a possibility for it and that does not turn out. And it makes me oh so very happy.

Don’t judge, his wife died a few years ago and he is loyal.

If you like a good mystery, if you enjoy investigative novels with some odd twists and a look at a bit more of a science take (thought I would definitely stand by that it is only a science take), this could be a good book for you. I do not regret reading/listening to this at all.

Okay, the narration. It was great until the last thirty minutes, then the voice just couldn’t handle the action that was going on. Sorry.

And I will, very likely, look for the other books in this series (why, yes, I once again accidentally picked a book that is part of a series without realizing it), but probably through my local library unless the author wanted me to review the rest.

I really want to post about the science things that I did have issues with so:




The lunar effect. I have heard of it, and in a lot of ways do believe that there is some truth to the statistics.


The idea that the moonlight used to cause moon madness in basically everyone is a little ridiculous. But, I don’t know, if someone compiled a statistical analysis of ancient events that happened on a full moon, I would be interested. But I don’t think I will be making that list any time soon.

Also, inbreeding somehow being related to this disease? Does it cause issues, yes, but I don’t think it could cause anything like this.


Source for cover image: http://www.gooodreads.com


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