This is a collection of myths, stories, and whispers from around the world. And I learned so many things I had never heard of before. The way the myths and accounts are written and ordered moves throughout time and creatures and themes.

This novel is a collection of PodCasts written out, with a few extras, from Lore. That being said, this was better to listen to than the podcast because it was paced better, no ads, and a little more concise with a few extra things. This was narrated by the writer, Aaron Mahnke, who has a very dry voice in both the podcast and the audio book.

I do wish this would have focused on only the creatures and not done anything with the ghosts or spirits. The last section of this book I think should have been on its own or in the sequel.

This novel began with vampires and moved through the creatures from there. This does include myths from all over the world, but focus’ on the western world. I do wish they would have spent more time on the werewolves, but most of the creature stories I had not actually heard yet.

Now, I enjoyed this novel to the point that I am considering buying the regular book. It seems to have some beautiful illustrations and would be a good reference for creatures and myths.

If you like the more historical/traditional side of myths and creatures and origins of those stories, this is the book for you. This is a researcher who has translated his findings into narratives and melodic writings. Highly recommend.


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