The Dark Ones: A Book Review

Written by Gaja Kos, The Dark Ones is the first book in the Black Werewolves series, and follows the pack of Black Werewolves, beings that retain their human mind in wolf form and are the only wolves that can transform into a half wolf half human form. In this novel there is a poison released into the world that they have been recruited to find information about and remove it.

The fact that it took me four chapters to find out that much will tell you why I didn’t like this book. The level of detail the author gives is inconsistent at best and completely lacking in most cases.

The syntax in this novel was fine- maybe eventually I will read the rest of the books in this series- but the way the world was convayed was just atrocious. It was as if the author dropped the reader into the middle of the book.

What is worse, maybe, is that I fully saw exactly what the author was trying to do. To feed us information slowly. But she would describe the clothing but not what the other characters looked like. She mentioned a mythical beast I have never heard of, described feathers and hair, and nothing else. I have no idea what the creature was. That bothers me.

And, generally, you want to find the reader information they don’t realize they were missing.

This book had an interesting idea that was not executed well.

I don’t currently recommend this book. If I ever finish the series, that could change.


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