What happens when your future mate (yup, this is about werewolves and they call their partners mates) is a human (and therefore doesn’t know about werewolves) and finds you in a shelter when she was intending to adopt a cat? Oh, and she loves dog you and can’t stand the idea of you running away when real you moves in next door? Oh, and you have until the next full moon to woo her and get her to be your mate before you die?

That’s what this book is about.


Which is to say that they, rather graphically, get it on far too often to help the plot. Honestly, that could be the worst form of filler ever.

Best way to describe this: if you are into novels like this, this would be a beach read. Honestly, Dakota Cassidy’s other novels are significantly better than this book. And the title makes no sense, as why would it be odd for an American werewolf to be in America? Like, really, I get it, ha ha, but no. The Hoboken is only slightly important anyway. There is nothing in this that makes it feel super New Jersey like, and that is coming from someone who has never been to New Jersey.

Would only recommend this book to those DIE HARD werewolf fans who need more werewolf in their lives, or if you already like this sort of story.

Not that great, wasn’t really worth my time. Many better books out there.

Also, the cover for this book on GoodReads, a link I didn’t include anywhere on here for a reason, is terrible. So bad. It makes the book look much worse than it is. It isn’t that explicit or nasty. I greatly prefer the cover that I included from Google.

Also, I could probably write a more interesting short story from the cover than this novel was. Just saying, there really wasn’t much to this.


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