Pathfinder: A Movie Review

This movie, staring Bones from the new Star Trek movies, follows a viking boy who was left behind in America and raised by natives 600 years before Columbus. 15 years later, and the vikings are back to try and settle America. And who else to fight them but another viking who has made these people his family?

Okay, I enjoyed this film but

A) it was very gorey

B) while the time line is linear because the environment is constantly changing it gets a little hard to follow

C)I see why this film, to my knowledge, wasn’t very popular when it came out in 2007. The pacing isn’t great for the average TV goer.

I am also unsure about how they portrayed vikings in this movie. Would they bring horses with them? Would they go to this extent when trying to settle a place by killing everyone and not taking any slaves?

The plot line was interesting if a bit slow, and if you enjoy fight scenes this could be a good movie for you.


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