Written by Christina Bauer, I found this book in my local library.

I should not have found this book in my library.

This novel follows Bryar, who is supposed to follow a “fairy tale life template”, specifically, Sleeping Beauty. She is raised by three fairies, she falls asleep when she gets nervous, yada yada. But, she hasn’t be, and refused her “prince charming”, and is sent to a group where she and other girls like her work on getting their life “on track”.

But, she is also a master hacker, super rich, her aunts let her do most whatever she wants, she is friends with someone who is supposed to be Cinderella but is also a jewel thief who lives on her own, oh, and she collects papyri for fun/to put together some book. And, of course, ends up falling in love with a werewolf.

Let me list the ways that this novel is bad:

  1. The writing reads like a first draft. What do I mean by that? There are words missing, all of the characters react to things and have thought processes similar to squirrels, and there seems to be no effort to make these characters or plot line even a little realistic/convincing. There are no prose, but a lot of repetition, if I read one more time about how her aunts track her through her phone I might hit my head on something.
  2. The plot. What do I mean by that? Well, most plots are driven by very odd events occurring. but this plot makes little to no sense. What code could they be talking about? Three pages later she is using a code to put together a book from the papers she took photos of. Let me drive away from here because I am frustrated. Pick back up with that character; I stayed in my spot long after she went into the apartment. Same night. Same character. STOP AUTHOR!
  3. Continuity. See two points above. I find it really frustrating when an author doesn’t know how to build a character, and how the character would actually think. Maybe it is just me and my mind is too quick, but if you are actively looking for puzzle pieces and using a code to put a book together, when you come face-to-face with the owner of said puzzle pieces and they talk about a code, out side you would act like you didn’t know what they were talking about, but inside you wouldn’t.
  4. The characters are so flat. The werewolf was a bit more interesting, but still, the writing left him feeling pretty flat too. and Bryar was just confusing and made no sense whatsoever. I get it, you wanted this perfect imperfect character – you didn’t succeed.
  5. The world makes no sense. You have these bad guys that everyone in the magical community knows are bad guys, but, jk, everyone doesn’t actually know this.
  6. The summary gives away plot points. DON’T DO THAT! She at least thinks she is just a girl.
  7. This reads like a Wattpad story. Is this a Wattpad story? IS IT???

So, this is the worst book I have read this year, so far.

And I found it in. A. Library. BAD LIBRARY! I get it, you can’t read everything, but this is why some reviews are false and misleading. If you had read the first two chapters, you would know how bad this is.

I don’t recommend this to anyone. I don’t care how bad you need another werewolf story. This novel should only be found on Wattpad for free. That’s it.


P.S. For you loyal readers, I will be trying to get all of my reviews to be about this length.


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