The Alice Network

Written by Kate Quinn, The Alice Network follows two women, thirty years apart, one a spy and one looking for her cousin who disappeared in the second great war. Eve, a young woman with a stutter, is recruited to become a female spy in German occupied France in 1915, when they thought the war end…Read more The Alice Network


Happily: A Book Review

Written by Chauncey Rogers, Happily follows Laure, a street urchin girl who caused the ruin of Luc, trying to trick the crown into thinking she is the girl with the glass slipper so that she can pay Luc back. So, let us start with this: this is a young adult book, written for Rogers' daughter.…Read more Happily: A Book Review

Moon Dance: A Book Review

Written by S. P. Somtow, this novel follows a journalist/anthropologist who has driven to the middle of no where South Dakota to interview a man, a murderer, with multiple personality disorders. Only, that isn't the only thing he suffers from... Carrie is the main character, i.e. the journalist, and I do like her. Set in…Read more Moon Dance: A Book Review