Written by Jane Porter, The Frog Prince follows Holly as she moves to San Francisco  to work for a PR firm and try to get over her recent divorce.

I honestly have a lot of feelings about this book. This isn’t a fantasy book. This is a novel about a woman who is having to learn how to be happy with herself, and what that looks like.

She wants to feel something for these handsome men in her life, but she is just going through the motions. She enjoys being around people, but feels frozen inside.

This story was deep. And, honestly, it wasn’t a happy story. The ending wasn’t sad, just, the novel isn’t a happy one. Because Holly isn’t happy. She is trying to figure out what will make her happy again.

This is a great book for someone who is feeling lonely. Or who knows someone who is. Who has changed. Who seems different. This might give you a look into what it is like to live by yourself, want other people, but know that isn’t what you need right now.

After I finished this book, I bothered all of my friends until I could find someone to watch the Frankenstein Chronicles with me. I needed to feel connected.

Now, for the bad.

This character, Holly, is terribly one dimensional. This is the kind of book that you sympathize with when you find some similarities between what she is feeling and what you are. But the fact that her rhetoric doesn’t change until THE LAST 3 CHAPTERS OF THE BOOK is annoying and not good.

This was a free book on Nook one day, that is how I ended up with it. And for free, I am not unhappy.

But, there are spelling errors, and the characters, other than Olivia, don’t change at all. A good person is a good person and a bad person is a bad person. There are really no grey areas. She has grey areas of feelings, but not people.

There, good and bad.

Also, while I enjoy the cover, it is not accurate to the story.


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