Written by Patricia Briggs, Burn Bright is the fifth book in her Alpha and Omega series. This series follows Charles, an Alpha werewolf, and Anna, an Omega, mates. Husband and Wife. Charles has been left in charge of the pack while his father decides to go on vacation. Nothing bad will happen, right?

So, for the non-spoiler section of this, that is all I want to put. Its the 5th book, so, yeah, hard not to tell more without all the spoilers.

The good: the writing was excellent, the cast of characters interesting, and the story filled with twists and turns. This is another well written piece of work from Patricia Briggs.

The bad: I didn’t get enough of Charles and Anne, by that I mean, I didn’t get enough of just them interacting with each other. Not at all. And this book brought up more questions than the last.

If you like werewolves, read this book. Now. Well, read the first four, and Mercy, then this book. They are all connected. Urban fantasy fan? Read this. A fan of a good fight or two, this could be your taste.

Fan of A LOT OF ROMANCE? Okay, maybe you need to walk away. High fantasy? You might enjoy this series, they have a lot of Fae things.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel.


So, I enjoyed the wildlings, and knew there was something out there like them, but I need to comb through the old books and see if they are ever called that before. Again, I liked them, but there were 20 of them. I don’t know about that many…. Even for Bran.

I wanted more of Charles and Anna. I am glad they didn’t have a kid, not going to lie, but I think that we needed more of THEM. Everything in this novel was everyone else, and that isn’t what made the first three good. The first three were amazing because they were about Anna and Charles, not everyone else. I want more Charles, okay? MORE. Yeah, I am a fan.

Kara (Kora?) the teenage wolf. She was just randomly thrown in there and I didn’t know who they were talking about until the end. Need more information on her. Particularly because, according to some time tables, she should still be like 12 (correction, she is 14 or 15), but then it sounds like she is a teenager… so very confused. And she had NO CHARACTER. There was NOTHING to her. And a teen female wolf? The baby of the pack? Yeah, she would have some personality.

Sage… I need to go back and read the first book and see what I think about Sage. I didn’t see that coming at all. Though I did always wonder about her and Asil. But still. Her, the traitor? I don’t really get the traitor route. It would make more sense for a human to have lied. For Sage to have married a wolf and followed him there. I don’t know… that is one thing I have issues with.

Bright. Never came up before now. Like, if those paintings had been mentioned before… again, I will re-read the first novel, but I don’t think that they are mentioned before. Just, yeah.

Bran. Bran. Bran. Why did you not tell Charles? Because, really, that doesn’t make sense. Is he going to go over the edge soon? And the whole Mercy thing… I am not surprised, but I really don’t get why it was necessary to go there in this book. I always suspected, from the first. And the whole “no one under 18″… 16 used to be an adult, at one point in time. So, I guess that doesn’t really bother me.

I guess, I just… I wanted a nice, solid story without a lot of obvious things from Mercy. I wanted another Cry Wolf, or baring that Hunting Ground.

I still enjoyed this book. I still liked it more than the last novel. I am not hating on this book because of my own disappointments, I think this was a 5 star novel, no doubt.


3 thoughts on “Burn Bright: A Book Review

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