This book is for adults.

There, nice and clear.

Written by Rene George, this novel follows Summer, a girl who can see your past and ghosts and future just by touching you, as she moves to start a restaurant with her best friend who has gone M.I.A. Then, she meets her bffs younger brother Babel, a very good looking man, and the two try to find his sister Chav.

Before the spoilers section:

If you are looking for another shifter romance, this would be a good novel. I picked it up for free a few weeks ago, click on the link above to see what it is now. For a free novel, I was relatively happy. There are also quiet the variety of were animals.

The bad: the only interesting characters in these novels are the men. The girls are just… they are trying to hard to be interesting, and they aren’t. They are very flat characters. For a free novel, not the worse. Just, definitely glad I didn’t pay money for it. I am tempted to buy the second just to read about the good doc, but, probably won’t pick it up unless it is free one day.





Things I didn’t like?

Sunny was very ridiculous and couldn’t focus on anything for very long, and as soon as you met Babel you knew he was a shifter of some kind. The coyote was a little bit of a surprise, but still.

The only werewolf was Doc. And you kind of knew the oldest brother was dead right away.

Also, I think Sunny was actually meant to be with the older brother. Just saying.

And the creatures not believing in her abilities, really people, really?

Things I did like: Doc. Yup.


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