A Study in Shifters: A Book Review

Lets start with this: the opening for this novel is terrible. It follows half-panther shifter Marisol Holms who is also a decedent of the Sherlock.

The author, Majanka Verstraete, went for the super witty, cocky, royal, female lead. Who is also skinny, so she shouldn’t eat hamburgers.

STOP IT. I just, there are ways to work that character. This book isn’t one of them.

The writing doesn’t capture me at all, to the point where I don’t remember anything about this. Who dated who, facebook, just… nothing. This whole book was a confusing blur that I didn’t appreciate. The writing was unclear and muddled, the shifting of time made no sense,

You want something with shifters? Go ahead, give this a try. Otherwise, I would say don’t bother.


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