Fawkes: A Book Review

Fawkes, by Nadine Brandes, is a well written novel in a world set in an age of knights and kings where those with power in fact wield the power of Color. Blue, brown, grey, etc. There is also a plague that is besieging the world that turns you to stone. Again, this is a well…Read more Fawkes: A Book Review


The Winter People: An Audio Book Review

Written by Jennifer McMahon, The Winter PeopleĀ has two time lines, Sarah's in the early 1900s, and modern day with Ruthie and Cathryn. Sarah believes in the Winter People, and The Sleepers, loved ones who have passed away and been brought back. Ruthie lives in her old house, a hundred years later. This entire novel is…Read more The Winter People: An Audio Book Review

Bellewether: A Book Review

Written by Susanna Kearsley, Bellewether follows Charley, a woman who's brother recently passed and has moved in with her niece, as she begins working with a general contractor Sam to restore a pre-Revolution war of a fictional war hero. This novel also follows Lydia Wilde, the sister of the war hero, andĀ Jean-Philippe de Sabran, a…Read more Bellewether: A Book Review

Dune: A Book Review

Dune, written by Frank Herbert, is considered one of the great turning points in science fiction, compared often as the science fiction equivalent to The Lord of the Rings. Dune is about Paul, the only son and heir to Duke Leto, as he and his family move to Arrakis, a desert world barren, it seems,…Read more Dune: A Book Review

Dune Reading Challenge: The Second Update

Why look, this is the only information popping up on this site... well. Dune is a long book. And as I make my way through it, I do find myself more interested in what is happening. I worry that I may want to read the next two books in the series... Any way, I am…Read more Dune Reading Challenge: The Second Update