Written by Jim Butcher, Storm Front is the first of the Dresden Files and follows Harry Dresden, Wizard PI. To begin this series, there has been a horrible double murder and Harry has been called in to figure out how this clearly magical death could have been accomplished and who did it.

This is a great short urban fantasy/mystery read, with a wonderful character. Dresden has flaws, a lot of them. And he knows that. This is a good, witty character, though at times how hard he is on himself hits a bit close to home.

The supporting characters are decent, but this is definitely a short quick read. I enjoyed Murphy, but reading this book I would think I am hopping a bit farther into the series than the first book – there relationship has just… an odd sense between the two. And the relationship changes A LOT in the first book of a series. Reading through, I wonder if this was supposed to be a standalone novel for Butcher with Dresden.

I PREDICT MURPHY AND DRESDEN WILL BECOME SOMEHOW ROMANTICALLY INVOLVED. I know not how, or to what extent, but I predict it so. (I have read a few books from this series, but that was a LONG time ago. Honestly, outside of the first murder, I remembered nothing else about this book.)

The writing is just like Dresden, fast pace and quick witted. But it owns that and doesn’t try to be anything else.

One more thing: THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. High schoolers, sure, they can handle this. But, yeah. You have been warned.

If you enjoy urban fantasy, magic, fights, mystery, you should give this a go. If you enjoy romance… ehe. That could change as I work my way through these books, but this one doesn’t have a whole lot going for it in that department.


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