A Wolf Apart: A Book Review

Written by Maria Vale, A Wolf Apart picks up shortly after The Last Wolf, but this time from the 9th Alpha’s point of view; an alpha wolf who is stuck being a human when all he wants is to be a wolf.

This was again a well written and different style book, but I did not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed The Last Wolf. The Last Wolf gave us a great, different, unique point of view and Silver was so clearly different from the other wolves. This novel just… it didn’t fit with how I thought the wolves would be off land as they played human and the beginning was just off-putting. I did enjoy the romance, but yeah. I wish we would have seen a story that wasn’t a followup, but a stand alone in the novel.

What this novel did do was give us a story from the Alpha’s perspective, something that was talked about so much in the last, but wasn’t explored as much.

This is a great novel to fill the need for a werewolf, but unlike the previous I just wasn’t as struck by the story. As I started it, it was just a drag. I will state that I didn’t realize it was in the same world, but within the first few paragraphs I was going back through my old reviews to find that one and confirm that, yup, that is the same author. But I won’t talk about the style, again.

If you want some romance that strays from the typical, this is a good one (think of a very base view of sex and a cynical view point) if you are looking for something that is different. I just thought the first was better.

But, this is still a romance, at the base of it. If you don’t like the typical romance, and you are an adult do to some of the language, give this a shot.

If you don’t like any kind of fantasy, romance, or anything like that, just walk away.



I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.


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