Dune Reading Challenge: The First Update

For a book club I am in, a different one than I have complained about in the past, we have 4 books that are on the list. One I cannot find.

One is Dune, by Frank Herbert. Dune is a science fiction novel that has really set a tone for science fiction, was a major turning point in the genre, and was and is still wildly popular. This book is notable because it focuses more on the humanity/political/interpersonal and doesn’t place emphasis on the machinery technology aspect.

Now, a bit of a backstory on my history with this novel. I was loaned a copy when I was… oh. Maybe 8. But, for whatever reason, I never read it. Couldn’t tell you if that is because I was intimidated or what, but I gave it back after not reading a page. Also couldn’t tell you if I owned up to read it or not.

Well, today I have been presented with a reason to read it. And as part of that reason, I have laid a challenge for myself. (Yes, yes, stop using I so much. You are supposed to be impartial!) To finish Dune in 7 days or less, while balancing still going to work and getting my various life things done as needed. Being on day 2 of 7, at this point in time I am on page 172 of 794 (not including the appendix), or 22%.

Thoughts so far, non-spoiler:

The characters seem interesting, but their roles and back grounds are so confusing. And the writing.

The writing isn’t bad, by any means, but it is so repetitive. I get it, if I wanted to analyze it and read between the lines, or I didn’t know what needed emphasis, fine. But it just make the reading of this so much harder. It is almost like the author wanted to to be a certain length or had to force every word onto the page. Possibly, I have gotten too used to how modern contemporary novels are written.


SPOILER thoughts so far:



I like the Duke. I wish I didn’t already know he gets killed. I wish I didn’t already know so much based on the bits from the princess at the start of each chapter. And I went to the back to read about who she was, or at least who she is related to, because there was really basically no understanding of when she was alive and writing ALL of these different sources. Partially because she talks about her father wishing that Duke Leto had chosen a wife at a different point in time.


So, wish me good luck on this! I think I can make it!


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