Written by Jennifer McMahon, The Winter People has two time lines, Sarah’s in the early 1900s, and modern day with Ruthie and Cathryn. Sarah believes in the Winter People, and The Sleepers, loved ones who have passed away and been brought back. Ruthie lives in her old house, a hundred years later.

This entire novel is a mystery. I, honestly, can’t talk about any details without giving so many spoilers. The writing is great, and listening to this novel did give it wonderful extra depth. All of the characters were unique, had purpose, and were memorable.

The Winter People was a great read, and a horror novel. It has characters who descend into madness, who grow, and it is a paranormal novel. A dark novel.

And, a novel that satisfies every question that it brings up. This novel does such a good job. I honestly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have an issue with the dead coming back as not what they were.






I really love how every story wraps back around. The sleepers are real. The Winter People were them. Sarah never died and actually did go into town and killed her brother-in-law.

But Sarah… Sarah should have been more honest. More honest, and some of the events could have been avoided.

That Gerdy is still alive is just… so odd yet also is consistent with the rest of the story/mythology they have made.

The ending really does wrap up every lose end. And that it is a dark ending, doesn’t change how satisfying it is. That she is still around, and has someone taking care of her, is … is just.. it shows how your actions don’t just affect you. They can have lasting consequences.


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