Fawkes, by Nadine Brandes, is a well written novel in a world set in an age of knights and kings where those with power in fact wield the power of Color. Blue, brown, grey, etc. There is also a plague that is besieging the world that turns you to stone.

Again, this is a well written novel. However it just didn’t hold my attention. The characters had depth, but the story line and the over all idea of Colors having power just didn’t interest me. It wasn’t terribly hard to follow, it was just odd. Masks, and how they worked, just made me think of the medicine masks of the medieval ages. Those medicine men who would wear giant bird-like masks.

That was it. Out side of that, I honestly mostly thought the masks were a very odd wait to approach how to handle power of the colors.

Our main character did grow, but nothing was really memorable, for me, in this novel.

If you want something that has a different magic/power basis, that does have some action in it and a father-son dynamic that is interesting, sure. Give this a shot. The writing, again, was good. Just that the premise and plot didn’t hold me.

I was given a copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I do not own this image.


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