A Bit of Life Update: The Start of Pumpkin Spice Latte Season

It isn’t summer warm outside anymore. To begin the morning process, it would appear I have volunteered to make pumpkin spice lattes for my coworkers.

Why would I do such a thing? Why have such a stereotypical drink? Because they are delicious. However, I think I am going to end up winging this recipe as I, honestly, can’t find the recipe I used two years ago. And I am very annoyed by this.

I had the perfect recipe. It was so yummy. Now, now I have to try and dig through my memory or really go into the internet (I think it will have to be memory and a prayer – hopefully it will turn out well!).

But I have been going back over some of my old reviews and posts, and lately this site has been a little shallow, as well as the fact that there are less reviews. Mostly because I am very busy, and I think that won’t change anytime soon. There is a pile of books that travel with me and stare at me, I have a few audio books that I used to get through faster but after joining a carpool those take a bit longer too, and there is the speed with which I unpack an apartment. Slow. Very, very slow.

With all of that, my life overall hasn’t changed much. But I want to start putting in a LOT more effort into the reviews. The same amount of effort I used to put in. And just work on writing more and more often and better. Always aim for better.

My summer has consisted of lakes, a few horses, more lakes, weddings, and other various activities, and let me tell you, I am tired. There is also a new medicine in my life: migraine medicine. This stuff seems to be helping, I can tell you that I no longer am fighting to keep my eyes open during meetings (this is a big struggle for the last year), and hopefully with some more energy and less annoyance I will be able to put A LOT more effort into this site.

Here’s to hoping for more posts and new things, cheers!


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