Written by Mary Fan, is about – you guessed it – Flynn Nightsider! Here is the background: Flynn lives in a world where normal humans are the lowest of a cast system, and at the top reigns three magic users who saved the world over 80 years ago from The Lord of the Underworld, a.k.a the Lord. He also lost his mother when he was young, seeing her dead body before being pulled away by the law. Now, as a 16 year old, Flynn lives at The Academy where the best of the magic welders are trained as well as cadets, those lucky humans who get to help out the magic folks when things go bad. And the orphans. Who are treated like Cinderella and made to do all of the cleaning. But, the world is tired of having strict rules where the majority of the population are treated as lesser humans and walked all over on.

Okay, REALLY long summery, but this needed a set-up. There is a lot going on, and this novel definitely fits the YA. This book isn’t really a distopian, because it is an alternate world, and they have everything that they need even if they can’t leave the city. It just doesn’t feel like that kind of a novel.

As for being a YA, I would say that it is very geared towards that age group, and reads very urban fantasy. If you enjoy really snarky first person stories, this would probably be just up your ally. If you don’t, do. not. read. this.

The characters are interesting, though they are interesting because of their backgrounds, not necessarily as a character on their own. Flynn is very much a moody teenager, even if he does have a reason to be one.

Who would enjoy this book? Likely those who love YA, fantasy, urban fantasy, action and adventure. All of those. You need to enjoy all of those.


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