Living with Fran: the Sitcom

Okay, I only watched this for the actor who plays Riley, Ryan McPartlin, and the children because they were somewhat entertaining. But overall, this was a really bad show. there is a reason it was only on for two seasons. 

So very cringe worthy, they tried to play off a lot of the things they used to do with the Nanny, but it just didn’t work out as well this time. Now you have a rich housewife who got a divorce and ended up dating this younger man. And the thing that doesn’t really help, and is addressed at times, is the fact that he isn’t much older than her kids. Where does he fit into this family?

It was just too much like a 90s sitcom, but it didn’t adjust to the time when it came out. Lame, that what it was. I really regret spending the time watching both seasons… just… don’t. Find him in a different movie and watch that.

From IMDB, Ryan McPartlin

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