Written by Hester Fox, this novel follows Lydia Montrose, the middle daughter of a wealthy family that has fled Boston on the heels of a devastating rumor about their family involving the eldest son whom we never meet.

Now. Where to begin. I was enthralled with this novel. Sometimes, okay often, when you read a lot of novels you do get into a slump, especially when you are trying to read as many new novels as possible. Willow Hall broke my slump.

Set in the 1800’s upper class, this novel does have a very British feel to it, with an American twist. The characters here all have depth and you do understand them, even if it takes some time.

The most interesting thing about this novel is that I didn’t see everything happening from the beginning. Oh, I could predict a bit (hello love interest – and yes. I did put a GIF in here just for that), but I didn’t see how everything would twine together. 

Another great thing with this book, and the reason I will be recommending it to one of my book clubs, is the fact that there is no time jumping. The backstory you learn from juxtaposition or from learning rumors in town. Okay, I made that sound a bit too much like a video game, but the characters interact with one another and that is how you learn the history.

AND THE WRITING, oh, so refreshing. It just flows. I did have an ARC, so there were a few minor mistakes, but it was just so well written. There were no accents to make things confusing, they didn’t dwell too much on the surroundings except where they used it to lend to what you should have been feeling.

There were happy moments, devastating moments, misunderstandings, and just a hint of magic. If you enjoy sweet love stories, mysteries, historical fiction with a touch of fantasy, I think you will love this novel. And, honestly, I think everyone should give it a shot. The author just did such a good job. 


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