How I Met Your Mother – Should I Watch it?

To begin:

This show isn’t for everyone. It is a comedy that slowly morphed into a dramidy (a dramatic comedy that began dealing with more serious issues). If you don’t like comedy (yes, these people to exist) don’t watch it. If you don’t appreciate people constantly talking about alcohol, drugs, and various things that occur while under the influence of these items, don’t watch this show. If you don’t enjoy watching people do very unrealistic things, don’t watch this show. One of the man characters is a love-able man who manipulates women to the point that he wrote a book detailing his techniques.

Be prepared for various items to make random appearances and to gain a multitude of inside jokes only truly understood by HIMYM fans. And, yes, that acronym is a great way to refer to this show. A binge worthy show if ever there was one, this series does an amazing job of allowing it’s views to look forward to overall arcing stories, seasonal stories, and each episode being unique.

The writers did a good job of balancing these three elements in each episode, though the do change how things are referred to on occasion, but these are well maintained once introduced.

The characters are memorable and heartwarming. A good watch any day, assuming you don’t fall into the categories detailed in the first paragraph.


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