Let me begin with how happy and satisfied I am with this movie! Alexander Skarsgaard was phenomenal as Tarzan, and truly brought to life a character that is smart, honorable, and freakishly strong. With an antagonist (Christoph Waltz) who is portrayed in a way that captivates the audience, and in many ways keeps them guessing, the plot moves along at a great pace.

Despite what many critiques are saying, I enjoyed this film immensely. Yes, the characters were very stoic, but the majority were also soldiers and warriors. I think the acting was well done and that the CGI was executed fantastically. But, this film is having to fight with a holiday weekend, and doesn’t already have a large fan base. When I went to the theater I was surprised at all the young kids I saw. This movie has action, but doesn’t move at a pace that would appeal for children, and isn’t designed for children. Many people, at least in my age range, have never seen any other Tarzan beyond the 1999 Disney film, which is sad considering how much that movie is missing from the story. This movie is also not very accurate, but includes more of the original story.

If you are a fan of action, this is a must see. If you are a fan of adventure, this is a must see. If you are a fan of Samuel L. Jackson, this is a must see. And, if you are a fan of Alexander Skarsgaard, this is a definite must see. And, if you love Tarzan (the story, not the Disney film) it is worth seeing.


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