The Demon and the Fox: A Book Review

The Demon and the Fox, written by Tim Susman, is a well written novel that follows a fox-Calatian (a human fox – this is where I got a bit confused) Kip Penfold who has powers, and is enrolled in a school to become a sorcerer. And this is the story of how he learns that he has an insane amount of power.

This novel was well written, however the descriptions of Kip’s ears etc just made the book odd for me. I wish that the cover had a picture of a full creature so that we could get a better idea of what he looks like. This novel isn’t written in the fashion of high fantasy, and makes references to our history, which really just takes away from this novel. I wish this was set in a different world completely without having overlapping events with the real world.

That isn’t to say this is a bad novel, but this is a novel that I recommend reading the first chapter to determine if you are interested in it. I think in the first chapter you can figure out if you will enjoy it or not.

If you like more urban style fantasy with realistic animal creatures, give this a shot. It has action and magic.

I didn’t enjoy it because I imagined the folks in it looking more like a stuffed animal than what the author was going for.


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