One Dark Throne: A Book Review

Written by Kendare Blake, this novel is the second in the Three Dark Crowns series and follows the sisters as they progress to determine who will be queen. Things to note: I didn't read the first novel. When I was given this review copy I was unaware that this was part of a series. Second:…Read more One Dark Throne: A Book Review


The Prophet: A Book Review

Written by Amanda Stevens, this is the third book in the Graveyard Queen series, and Amelia is back in Charleston and has a ghost that is more than a ghost who will not leave her alone until he helps her. And she may have a slight stalking problem when is comes to the mysterious detective,…Read more The Prophet: A Book Review

The Restorer: A Book Review

Written by Amanda Stevens, the first of the Graveyard Queen Series, follows Amelia, a woman who can see ghosts and restores graveyards in the South. This novel is different, for me, and unique because this is one person who can see ghosts and has never acknowledged them. This is also defined as a paranormal romance.…Read more The Restorer: A Book Review

First Grave on the Right: An Audio Book Review

Written by Darynda Jones, this is the first book in a series following Grim Reaper (in a new fashion) Charley Davidson (the female version of Harley Davidson? I still don't get this joke). At least, I think this is the first in the series. This is another book that IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. This is…Read more First Grave on the Right: An Audio Book Review

Bone Witch: A Book Review

Why yes, another first in a book series. This is an endless trend in Young Adult fiction. And this book definitely fits that description. I enjoyed this book, written by Rin Chupeco, and would recommend it to anyone considering reading it. This book follows Tea and her brother Fox as she learns what it means…Read more Bone Witch: A Book Review

Wake: An Audio Book Review

Written by Amanda Hocking, this story follows two sisters Gemma and Harper, as Gemma goes through a transformation while boys are disappearing from town. Here is a book I enjoyed, which is ironic because I found Hockings other series, about trolls, to be rather dull. But, I found this interesting in a good light-hearted, easy…Read more Wake: An Audio Book Review