Old Man’s War: A Book Review with So Many Mixed Feelings 

I enjoyed this book. Really, I did. John Scalzi did an excellent job.

But I am going to poke. First, I will describe this book, then there will be a spoiler warning.

This novel follows John, a 75 year old widow who has enlisted in a military. Yup, that’s right, but a space military that recruits only the old and promises them a new life. Superbly paced with just the right amount of humor, this book is fantastic and any fan of fantasy or war would likely enjoy this. I know I did.

Did you turn around? No? Well, I told you to.

So, all of the old people get new Super human bodies. Shocking, I know.

And what do they do with them? Sleep with eachother. Yup. Yeah, they can now run 25K in under an hour, hold their breath for over 7 mins, jump 6 feet in the air, and only sleep for 2 hours a night. And they don’t test those limits. A few do. But first they go sleep with people. Maybe it’s just me being a naive virgin, but I think that would be second. You are 75 years old. You had sex your whole life – unless you died a virgin. Then I could maybe. MAYBE. Understand.

I would immediately be testing my limits expecting the worse. They gave you super human bodies. Let’s see how fast I can run before passing out. Let’s see how long I can hold my breath. How far I can swim. Let’s see how many punches I can take. How strong. How my strength compares to yours. Then let’s sleep together to see just how far and amazing it will be. Like, they slept together like normal. Like, isn’t it a waste, given what they have? Freaking, you can hold your breath for over 7 mins! Comibine your effort!

I get the Ghost squad. If they didn’t have that it would be such a waste of bodies.

WHY DO HUMANS HAVE TO COLONIZE WHEN YOU CAN ALMOST LIVE FOREVER IN SUPER BODIES??? I can get killing other species because they hate us. Kill us. Eat us. But expanding just to expand? No. Stop it. Now. Gah. Even as an excuse that sucks. No reason for it, at all.

End rant. Was fun to read. Wanted more.


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