Bone Witch: A Book Review

Why yes, another first in a book series. This is an endless trend in Young Adult fiction. And this book definitely fits that description. I enjoyed this book, written by Rin Chupeco, and would recommend it to anyone considering reading it. This book follows Tea and her brother Fox as she learns what it means…Read more Bone Witch: A Book Review


Severance Lost: A Book Review

Let me begin with an honest truth: I have not finished this book. Let me continue with: I will one day finish this book. However, this is a novel that is not conducive to coming and going and only reading a page or two here and there. Severance Lost is set in a new world…Read more Severance Lost: A Book Review

Odd Thomas: A BOOK Review

the same name staring the wonderful-died-too-soon Anton Yelchin. I first watched the film version 4 years ago. I can not remember if it was through Amazon or Netflix, but it quickly became one of my favorite movies. And, after reading the book, I am so happy. The have exact lines from the book in the…Read more Odd Thomas: A BOOK Review

Old Man’s War: A Book Review with So Many Mixed FeelingsĀ 

I enjoyed this book. Really, I did. John Scalzi did an excellent job. But I am going to poke. First, I will describe this book, then there will be a spoiler warning. This novel follows John, a 75 year old widow who has enlisted in a military. Yup, that's right, but a space military that…Read more Old Man’s War: A Book Review with So Many Mixed FeelingsĀ