Wake: An Audio Book Review

Written by Amanda Hocking, this story follows two sisters Gemma and Harper, as Gemma goes through a transformation while boys are disappearing from town.

Here is a book I enjoyed, which is ironic because I found Hockings other series, about trolls, to be rather dull. But, I found this interesting in a good light-hearted, easy summer read way. The reader was chosen well, with a light high voice, for this novel and kept me engaged.

I enjoyed the mysteries that Hocking brought to this story, and while I didn’t know when I started this novel, I saw from the beginning that this was the start of a series. I do think this story could have been wrapped up in a single book, but I also don’t mind that it is being stretched out.

This novel is about Sirens, with a capital S. Now, I haven’t done the research, but I think the “mythical” story this is based on isn’t a traditional myth. It is still interesting, and the fact that not everyone in the group is affected by their powers is what made me immediately check out the second book (another audio book, what ever is happening to me?!).

Of course, this will follow the Stupid But Loveable Teenage Girl motif. It IS young adult. My favorite character was Daniel, whom I still can not figure out. He seems to be a very three dimensional character, but we really don’t get to know him well in this book. I hope there will be more with him!

With murder and fantastical creatures and monsters, this is a good read for any fan of urban fantasy, young adult, and light romance. This book is sweet and a little bit of a sickly twist.



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