Written by Darynda Jones, this is the first book in a series following Grim Reaper (in a new fashion) Charley Davidson (the female version of Harley Davidson? I still don’t get this joke). At least, I think this is the first in the series.

This is another book that IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. This is Urban Fantasy with adult themes.

There, that is out of the way.

Charlie is a PI, supposedly a bartender (which we never see), and helps the dead cross over, which happens to mean that they must cross through her. She also has the “big bad” that seems to follow her. And three lawyers who have shown up dead. And is helping a woman run away from her abusive husband. And is having… interesting dreams about her long-time crush. And she has a random Asian ghost hanging in her apartment. And…. There is a lot going on in this story. A lot.

This is written as many of the other novels in this category are, with a lot of sass and not a whole lot of detail outside of certain.. ehem… areas. I will admit, did not realize it was that kind when I rented this. But, despite that, it was still an entertaining read. Not the best, but not bad by any means. And, the ending makes me want to continue this series. We will see how far I make it.

The writing style wasn’t great. But, I wonder if I would have enjoyed this more actually READING this book. The reader for this was not horrible, but made everything have so. much. sass. It was unnecessary and at times made it difficult to follow what was going on in the story. At times the story felt rushed.

Do you like Urban Fantasy? Some romance? Grim Reapers? YES? Then I think you will enjoy this book. Probably worth a read. This could change as I go through the series.



Reyes, I believe that is how his name is spelled, is the devil’s son. And calls Charley Dutch. WHY DOES HE CALL HER DUTCH??

I, by the end, understood, a bit, why he is in love with her. And I am guessing the other reapers were not female. Just a theory. And it felt like a lot of the plot lines were  wrapped up quickly and had more than one climax.

But, the last few chapters made me want to continue on in the series. I really want to keep listening/reading.


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