Written by Amanda Stevens, the first of the Graveyard Queen Series, follows Amelia, a woman who can see ghosts and restores graveyards in the South. This novel is different, for me, and unique because this is one person who can see ghosts and has never acknowledged them.

This is also defined as a paranormal romance. It isn’t an explicit romance, but that is prominent in the story in an emotional way.

I really enjoyed this novel. This is modern writing at its best. I loved following Amelia as they explored the mystery of the new body that wasn’t supposed to be there. I enjoyed the romance with Devin, possibly because we are given a main character that has actual fears and can be brave and that Devin is the kind of guy that I should never go for, but would be so tempted to. He is fantastic.

I honestly would recommend this book to everyone. The “adult” section of this novel is fairly subtle. Nothing is explicit. The writing is superb, and I am very excited to read the second novel and may go find it in my library today as soon as this is finished.

I may have found a book series that I could love. I am very worried that it will go downhill. I don’t know.

This book is a great choice for anyone who is a fan of the paranormal, mystery, murder mystery, ghosts, romance, basically a wide range of tastes. Not for fans of high fantasy. Not for people who ONLY like romance in a novel.


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