Written by Kendare Blake, this novel is the second in the Three Dark Crowns series and follows the sisters as they progress to determine who will be queen.

Things to note: I didn’t read the first novel. When I was given this review copy I was unaware that this was part of a series.

Second: I didn’t like the writing in this book. To me it felt stunted and as if the author was trying far too hard to be poetic and just missing the mark. Part of what makes a modern book good is the flow of the language. Even if the content of the book isn’t much, and if the flow is more lyrical or dredged in detail that prevents it from being a top notch book, the way it reads is what makes a book. It is what separates a published book from some fanfiction that I found online.

Third: This has an interesting plot, but please see the second point as to why it was difficult for me to read.

But, that is just my opinion.

I didn’t like this book, and have no desire to read the rest of the series.


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