Another hit by Amanda Stevens.

This novel picks up with Amelia and her sanctuary being invaded.


This is the 4th book in the series. Yes, you can probably get away with reading this book by itself, however, I don’t recommend it. You will miss out on so very much.

Now, WHY DEVLIN, WHY?? Why is he pulling away (I have a theory, which involves him protecting Amelia) from our main character? However, I appreciate the continued growth of Amelia. I adore her as a character. I love that we keep learning more and more about her past. What an interesting back story for her great grandmother, and I get the feeling that this has always been her backstory. This really explains why her Papa is the way he is. Why he was so strict with her.

Why everything is slowly crumbling down around her.

This is a novel that I am so very tempted to write an essay on. I know, I am a dork. But, this series delves into so many topics that few people consider. I wonder how much Steven’s has made up over the years, and how much is based on research.

And the fact that my local library classifies this as a paranormal romance is just wrong. Yes, there is a LITTLE bit of romance, but I would argue that it is just an Urban Fantasy novel. Really, just a fiction novel.

I enjoy Steven’s writing, and when I finish this series I will be adding her other books to my lists.




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